jeudi 16 juin 2011

Poésie - The complexity of Human nature

Complexity of the human nature

In the mystic frozen north
Where essence is wandering forth
Smooth and soft
Everything is covered with frost
But nothing is what it seams
Below this veil, flow countless streams

Placid lake, peaceful, silent and motionless
Dark and deep, everything fall into the great nothingness
Black watery mirror engulf, convey and smother with no distinction
Serene and pure, waveless.
Still and timeless

Ocean of magma, hell's furious anger, endless
Tortuous and raging, consuming life of the careless
The furious wrath of the restrained
The heat, this scorching pressure
Sometimes erupt above the surface
Creating strange gaze of light
Into the Evernight

From torrent and waterfall
Of spring and fall
To pond and river so small
To ease and caress
To love and embrace
Free spirit of passion
On the sound of crystal clarion
Unite with horizon

The small line of balance in between
Ensnaring the blue serenity and red hostility
Entangling love and hate
Merging calmness and excitation
Bonding Mind and heart,
Body and soul too

Where does it lie for you?

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